Good evening, I am John Conway, and I make art of very old things, and of new things I have made up. I have a podcast about animals with Darren Naish, and have written and illustated two books with Darren and C.M. Kosemen. My art is funded by people like you through Patreon.

You can read more about me here.

All Yesterdays

Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals

Cryptozoologicon: Volume I

The Biology, Evolution, and Mythology of Hidden Animals

Website Update

I have just finished a major functional upgrade to this site, the biggest change being this blog. I used to host my blog on Tumblr, but due to some crazy corporation buying it and banning "adult" content, which includes anything with nudity apparently, I have decided it was time to leave. No one seemed to offer what I wanted, so I've made it myself.

There a lot of other changes to other parts of the site; fixing stuff that had broken over the years, never worked right, was too complicated, or ugly. I massively simplified the patron login system, so hopefully it will work without breaking anything.

I've removed Google Analytics, because I have decided it's creepy.

As a bonus, the Irregular Books website is back up, at a new domain: Dot Art... what a world we live in!

Camptosaurus dispar

Camptosaurus, surely one of the most exciting dinosaurs, from the front.

Camptosaurus was a cow-sized dinosaur that lived in North America, about 140 million years ago.

The Darkness

What's in the darkness? A different thing every time you visit (within limits*).

The Darkness takes a painting and reveals it in a way similar to film, the lighter parts are more likely to spark a lightup pixel. This builds over time, both in the canvas and in your perception, until you can see in the dark.

*Okay, 13